Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 2 Cautiously Optimistic DD

Day  2:    Weight:  244 lb       So, it seems that almost 6lbs were water weight just from being so inflamed and bloated as a result of eating  C.R.A.P.

I don't have a definite plan . My usual MO is to go and pay someone else money, and then not to follow their diet, but to do my own, very radical thing anyway. This time has to be different. We all know the definition of insanity, right? Well, the insanity STOPS HERE! I have to figure out a way to be healthy and lose weight without depriving myself so much that I have "on" and "off" days. This is not a diet. I am also not recommending it to anyone else. This is just me figuring out what can work for me, long term.

OK, lets look at yesterday: I had a bagel with cream cheese, because we still had the leftovers from the week-end, and I'm not about wasting..(think of all the starving kids in Africa)
Then I had another one, because there was one more left...
Counted the calories of that little mistake this morning, and it was: 800 calories just for that measly breakfast!
I got busy, and skipped lunch, which, I know, is also wrong..
For dinner Hubby BBQ ed chicken thighs and we had potato boiled in the skin with it..470 calories. I was good and did not have butter on my potato, but I suppose I have to confess that I had a teensy glass of red wine with it.

Hubby is off Monday and Tuesday, and we had a nice family time with our oldest son around the BBQ.
And I love my red wine...
OK, dang it! I admit, I had two glasses....375 calories
That comes to 1645 calories  for the day. Not horrible, but not good , either. The good news is...the wine is finished, too. No more temptation.

I did not have enough water...only 32 oz which is already an improvement on the 0 oz I have been having.
So, for today,
          I aim to have more water, 
           3 x 400 cal. meals, plus  maybe a 100 cal. snack.
          and some form of exercise.

My good friend, Amey, has been harassing me every morning real early with texts to come walk with her. I think I will stop ignoring them and go for the hour walk, even if only God is awake at that hour...
This morning I had to take my daughter to her Enrichment program an hour away, so I missed the walk.
I will try and go tonight while Hubby and Daughter are at Kung Fu.

The skinny girl inside of me will not be shut up with chocolate anymore!



  1. 6 lbs! Not bad for day 2. I am feeling the inspiration rising inside of me, maybe tomorrow will be my day to eat well for a whole 24 hrs~

  2. Well at least you started the statement with "My GOOD friend, Amey" not "My PIA friend" or my good "friend". But "harassing"!?
    That hurt a little.
    Anyway, see you bright and early tomorrow morning!!!!!

  3. Ah, Amey, you are a God-sent. Really. But I love you just a little less at 6.30 in the

  4. Just came across your blog today -- you are hilarious! I actually laughed out loud reading your posts. I don't know if your blog will help me lose weight, but your writing sure makes me feel good!

  5. Came by at Marsial's recommendation. Love your sense of humor - both of you:)